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Real Estate Marketing

We possess over 5 years of expertise in the real estate marketing sector, successfully marketing hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate annually for our esteemed clients.

Our seasoned team, armed with creative acumen, is ready to assist you in effectively promoting yourself and your property listings. Through our strategic real estate marketing program, we can collaborate with you to formulate a comprehensive plan that optimizes the utilization of your marketing budget. Our support extends from campaign management to continuous marketing assistance, ensuring your presence in front of a vast audience, reaching thousands of potential clients in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our primary objective is to facilitate your maximum exposure and success!

Your objectives include:

  1. Establishing or reinforcing the public perception of your real estate brand.

  2. Elevating brand awareness in targeted neighborhoods.

  3. Crafting compelling marketing materials to convey your message.

  4. Exploring new channels for lead generation.

  5. Increasing lead generation and converting leads into sales.

  6. Sustaining engagement with existing and potential clients.

  7. Attracting and targeting the desired clientele.

  8. Emerging as the preferred REALTOR® in your specified area and sphere of influence.


“I want to establish my brand.”

1. Branding: Develop a cohesive and visually appealing brand that mirrors your identity and can be utilized consistently across all marketing materials.


2. Professional Portraits: Acquire expertly taken agent headshots that convey professionalism and approachability.


3. Business Cards: Essential for any business, opt for personalized business cards with a diverse selection of paper choices and finishes.


4. Branded Signage: Custom-designed and printed signs, including "For Sale," "For Lease," and "Open House," along with unique sign riders, bring your brand to the forefront of every listing, essentially creating mobile billboards.


5. Agent Website: A must-have for attracting and retaining clients. Utilize custom-branded agent websites with features such as Search Engine Optimization, Google & Facebook Ads, Landing pages, Re-targeting, Blogging, and Copywriting to enhance your online presence and generate leads effortlessly.


6. Social Media Management: Elevate your business through strategic promotion across various social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and/or Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Ensure consistent branding with regular posts to maximize exposure.


7. Digital Advertising: Expand your outreach and engage with your target audience by employing targeted geographical and demographic marketing in your digital advertising efforts.


8. Brochures: Craft personalized and printed brochures that effectively narrate your story and establish connections with potential clients.


9. Promotional Videos: Create captivating content to connect with your audience through Property Tours, Agent Profile Videos, Testimonial Videos, Neighbourhood Videos, and Video Blogs.


10. Presentation Materials: Develop a comprehensive package for listing and buyer presentations, serving as an impactful tool to showcase all relevant information needed to effectively market yourself.


“I want to market a listing.”

1. Property Imagery & HD Video Tour: Distinguish your listings by showcasing them uniquely. Employ specialized real estate photography and HD video tours to provide a distinctive perspective and highlight key features that appeal to potential buyers.


2. Home Layouts: Offer prospective buyers a comprehensive understanding of the property with detailed floor plans.


3. Exclusive Listing Website: Establish a dedicated site with a personalized URL, exclusively featuring the listing. This platform can be easily shared with potential buyers and promoted online.


4. Feature Presentations: Present the property with custom-designed and printed feature sheets, ideal for promoting during open houses and showings. Templates are readily available for convenience.


5. New Listing Announcements: Utilize custom-designed postcards for direct mail distribution to your farming area or the vicinity surrounding the listing, effectively announcing new property additions. Templates are also provided for ease of use.


6. Social Media Exposure: Harness the power of social media by sharing captivating photos and HD video tours of the home, promoting the listing across various platforms.


7. Targeted Online Advertisements: Direct your online advertising efforts to specific audiences, ensuring a focused promotion of your listing.


8. Open House Outreach: Effectively promote your open house through invites distributed across social media, email, and direct mail, maximizing your reach to potential attendees.


“I want to increase MY Client base .”

1. Local Exposure: Seize opportunities to showcase your brand and business within your community. Employ creative advertisements on Bus Shelters, Benches, and Billboards to enhance visibility.


2. Direct Mail Postcards: Utilize custom-designed and printed postcards for targeted distribution in your farming area or the vicinity surrounding listings. Templates are available for convenience.


3. Newsletters: Establish yourself as an industry expert through monthly newsletters to your farming area. Stay top of mind with your existing network and engage with potential clients using unaddressed ad-mail, e-blasts, your website, and social media. Feature current listings, recent sales, market updates, and compelling articles within a professionally designed and custom-branded template.


4. Personalized Cards & Letters: Design and print thoughtful custom thank-you cards and personalized cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.


5. Digital Advertising: Expand your reach and connect with your target audience by employing targeted geographical and demographic digital advertising strategies.


6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Enhance online visibility by optimizing your website to rank higher in search results, making it easier for people to find you when searching online.


7. Client Appreciation Events: Strategically market and promote events to show appreciation to your clients, fostering stronger relationships.


8. Email Blasts: Stay connected and expand your network through monthly email blasts or newsletters, providing updates, valuable information, and showcasing your latest listings.

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